Saturday, February 18, 2006

Roger Animator: Automatic Writing

Roger Animator episode 1: Automatic Writing

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title reading surprised b-w spaceship

link to listing on the Internet Archive. Write a review. Music by The Motion Sick (used with permission).

probe cam


mental-escher said...

Darkly brilliant. Creatively inspired.

unpack said...

wow. amazing. and you haven't changed. some of the things there remind me of conversations we had in college. haha. oh but can you make the blue texts in the drawn-street scenes more readable? or maybe it's because i watched it in itunes' small screen. but wow, this is amazing.

unpack said...

well, haven't changed SIGNIFICANTLY, i mean. hehe. but this is so fantastic.

g said...

yeah that's what i worry about. that i've hardly changed at all! sometimes i worry i'll be left behind by friends who mature and grow out of potty humor and blood and gore haha.
how are you? did you get my e-mail? i sent you one last week. =)